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I've been to Barcelona three times and I'm ready to return!


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We’re returning to the Roser Capdevila exhibit at Palau Robert in Barcelona.

IMG_3108 IMG_3112 IMG_3107 IMG_2874

Her handmade journals and sketchbooks are well displayed. I could see here the fuel for many projects that grew out of her daily experience — both positive and negative.  Some of Capdevila’s most memorable work developed from her having given birth to triplets, girls who became central characters in many of her children’s books.  She also used the experience of being seriously injured in a traffic accident to construct a cardboard ambulance!

This was among the images in the Palau Robert display window that coaxed me into the exhibit.


This flamboyant witch is the central character in a number of stories, including one which involves Red Riding Hood, the wolf (wearing a blue track suit), and the triplet girls.


These are pages of character studies for a project.  Nothing seems to escape her attention and then serve as fodder for future work.  Roser Capdevila must work constantly, but the product of her efforts is so joyful, it must hardly seem like work.


As enchanting as all this is, the precious thing I take away from the exhibit is that nothing is wasted.  All our experience holds potential.


Author: Ann Turkle

I travel, I teach, I walk, I write, I draw. I spent big chunks of my life acquiring degrees, but I've learned as much from my students as I learned from my professors. I am always ambitious to learn more.


  1. Love this post! So good to see these again! I tried to find more of her books in Girona and Barcelona this year but could find no more than the ones I had. Funny your title for this post– i’m teaching a class right now at BWorks called Spinning Straw into Gold! It’s about using unpromising journal ephemera as the basis for editioned woodcuts. Great minds —-

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