barcelona flaneuse

I've been to Barcelona three times and I'm ready to return!

5 thoughts on “MUDDY PAWS: A reflection on enthusiasm…

  1. Of course I’m in, as you well know! This week I’m a chestnut enthusiast! Love this post! How about Barcelona this year? Jacob wants to meet us there and then take us to zurich by train!

  2. I’m in!


  3. The narrow mindlessness of too many academicians is lamentable. I can empathize with your experiences. How can one be taken seriously when the only thing one can talk about is his/her academic field. I, too, have raised an eyebrow or two when I have brought up Nascar or hockey. My most recent interest (albeit brief) has been finding the right coat for the dog. Oh well… I also must belong to the muddy paw contingent. It’s more interesting!

  4. Back in my younger days I actually used to get so daunted I would stop talking at times – I lived at the Studio Center for 3 years and met many, many wonderful writers and artists. But I also remember the occasional eye rolling, sort of dismissive treatments I got, too, for expressing enthusiasm over something “they” weren’t into or hadn’t thought of first. (mostly the poets) I declare my membership. I’m very interested in STUFF! rrrrrrrufff.

  5. My husband’s ex-wife left him for a professor. She said she didn’t want to be married to someone who was “just a special ed teacher” for the rest of her life. One year we were all invited to Thanksgiving at my husband’s son’s new home I was taking some photos of Charley with his new grandson . She looked down her nose at me and informed me she didn’t take photos because a picture “just didn’t quite capture the essence anything”. I retorted by saying perhaps she didn’t take pictures because then she wouldn’t be in them. This muddy puppy bites back!

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