barcelona flaneuse

I've been to Barcelona three times and I'm ready to return!


When I considered doing this blog, I knew I wanted the month I spent in Barcelona, April- 2014, to be at the center.  So I will consistently use that experience and the images I gathered during that month in the blog.

I’m also planning to return to Barcelona, perhaps for another month in April of 2016, and this blog is a reminder of that intention and a spur to assuring my return.  If I return two years after the initial month-long visit, I hope to bring new skills, a new attentiveness, and perhaps a slightly different agenda.  I viewed my 2014 visit as a way of getting my feet on the ground, finding my way around.  I enjoyed that randomness.  Do I need to be more purposeful?  I have time to decide.

Some of my blogs will deal with the preparation for my return.  Some  blogs will deal with my current reality as a family member, teacher, and homeowner, a reality I must weigh against my traveling life.

Why Barcelona?  Because it’s an easy city — hospitable, safe, and not horribly expensive.  It combines these virtues with being beautiful, a little exotic, and mysterious.  It balances its long history against a prickly political present.  It’s a lively city full of contradictions being simultaneously trendy and deeply traditional.  A New England resident with an Irish American heritage, I curiously feel a deep connection to Barcelona.

What I hope  you’ll see here is me leaning — about Barcelona and about my own intentions.


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