barcelona flaneuse

I've been to Barcelona three times and I'm ready to return!



Door in Roman wall.




Framed in Barcelona

I like graffiti.  I especially like the graffiti in Barcelona where the graffiti artists seem to agree to use as their canvass doors and the protective gates pulled down over businesses at closing time.  I’m not sure how this has happened, but the result is very satisfying.  What could be an ungainly smear, is framed and focused in the doorway.



Whether artful and carefully planned, like the stenciled image, or quick and whimsical, these images are worth the moment it takes to focus on them, to see them.  In some respects, the streets of Barcelona are an art gallery, inviting the viewer to pay attention.

And the attention paid, pays off.  I’ve found my way around the labyrinth of streets in Barri Gotic by recognizing familiar graffiti.



Anthology of images.


Needless to say, not all of these images are fine art, but they are almost always engaging.  It’s as if each image is inviting a response — either from the viewer or another artist.


An advert.

Some business owners have taking the process into their own hands and use the gates to promote their businesses.





Other graffiti is nothing more than tags, but it still remains as an effort to communicate,  more engaging, in my eyes, than an empty door.



2 thoughts on “GRAFFITI

  1. I am soooo happy that you’re blogging! The pears made me shiver all over!

  2. I just love the graffiti, too. You are right– it’s like an open air art gallery! Looks great at night, as well.

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